Brooks Ghost 12

The Brooks Ghost 12 It’s a solid addition to the brand’s flagship product line, renowned for its flexible and intuitive design. For those looking for a nice and comfortable shoe for a slower daily run, the Brooks Ghost 12 is the perfect choice.

Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoe

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Brooks Ghost 12 is the latest addition to the popular Brooks Ghosts series and has some minor improvements over 11. After all, this shoe is still incredibly versatile and super comfortable. Casual shoes.

Ghost 12 offers a smooth, discreet ride and a smooth transition. For runners looking for shoes for “all occasions”, Ghost may be the perfect shoe.

These shoes will take you from a fast 3 mile run to a marathon. Those who wish to combine shoes according to their type of running will find in the Ghost 12 the perfect companion for light and resistant shoes.

The Ghost 12 has a slightly more aggressive sole than its predecessor, which increases its versatility. The sole is easy to manipulate through many non-technical transitions, while the upper sole always follows the metatarsal bone.

Due to relatively minor variations on this latest model, riders should also consider Ghost 11, which is still widely available and discounted.

Appearance & First Impression

The site has 16 colors to choose from Ghost 12. I’m sure every teacher should find at least one they like!

Brooks, however, did not precede the design change. However, let’s assume that while reading this review, you walk around in your shoes, rather than wearing them to the bar.

You’ll be glad to know that the Ghost 12 looks like the high-quality cushioned shoe it was designed with.

Most of the Ghost 11 upgrades are based on the W Ghost 12, with the ability to fuse 3D printed overlays on the back of the saddle and legs.

Also, the end holes are cut into larger overlapping strips rather than individually reinforced hinges. In my opinion, Ghost 12 is an improvement over 11, although it still looks traditional.

was excited to see that Brooks was still creating mirrored details on the back of the large tongue, as well as a reflective layer on the front of the shoe. I usually run early in the morning in the dark and always appreciate the reflected details of the shoe.


The Ghost 12 weighs 295g and is therefore lighter than its predecessor (309g).

Casual and casual shoes are comparable to similar shoes from other manufacturers and fit the New Balance 1080 v9 perfectly, which weighs the same 295g.

expect the premium cushioned shoes to weigh around 300g. look for nice shoes and if I run I don’t feel heavy, I’m happy with the weight. Ghost 12 is the only ticket.


For me Ghost has 12 dimensions. It is comfortable and keeps the foot extremely stable. In fact, the Ghost 12 looks a bit more generous than the Ghost 11 in the toe and saddle area.

I was wearing 13 UK casual shoes (which I wore with my normal shoes) and ASICS, Under Armor and Inov-8 sneakers.

In comparison, I normally have to wear New Balance, Hoka and Salomon shoes that are ½ larger than the size (UK 13 ½). Anyway, my shoes usually cost $ 14 so I think the UK can change sizes.

Like my previous Ghost boots, the 12 on the set are great. No need to break shoes (and no time to take off your shoes before running)

The foot is safe but comfortable. It is not necessary to tie the straps tightly as the shoe supports the foot.

To be honest, this is my first time picking up a shoe. Since I turned on the Lukasta nut, the upper part of the shoe was attached and the straps are not working, not only for photographing this review.

I was glad to see a slightly more spacious toe because I had a lifetime problem with Morton’s neuroma on fire until my toe space was limited.

I was hoping to walk in ghost boots, but the heel and tongue were very good, making this shoe extremely comfortable.


Most of the differences are in Ghost 11 and 12, and even here the changes are not great. Above was made the print “Technical network and 3D configuration”

There are two layers of mesh on the front of the shoe. Large holes in the outer shell ensure good ventilation. The shoulder protector consists of a tighter, denser and slightly more flexible mesh than the Ghost 11.

The metatarsal mesh is denser and the 3D printed covers provide a tough element to this neutral shoe. It also helps with an incredible fit and support of the shoe. The drills are made of technical tape around the hole.

The rear of the shoe has a high-quality heel with a plastic shell inside. It looks bigger than Ghost 11 even if it doesn’t work. As you would expect, this is a great pillow that will support your foot well.

The tongue is well padded and matches well with the new patterned fabric that creates lace cords. This closes the shoe with an even pressure distribution across the top of the foot.

So the upper part was changed, but I was very happy to see that the shoes are basically the same. The Ghost is an incredibly comfortable running shoe and I think Brooks has kept the old idea: “If it doesn’t break, don’t fix it.”


Only the Brooks Ghost 12 has a 31mm heel and a 19mm front foot for a 12mm drop.


The Ghost 12 midsole is almost identical to its predecessor. DNA Loft foam offers a soft fit on the outside of the heel.

It is particularly attractive to jumpers and makes the shoe an excellent choice for long-distance runners. The DNA herd has pentagonal notches on the side wall for padding.

Brooks Glycerin uses Loft DNA foam in the midsole of a shoe. As a result, glycerin provides better cushioning than Ghost 12 (which contains BioMoGo DNA foam in the midsole).

This stronger foam in Ghost 12 is designed to provide a better finger feel and feel (I can’t compare though because I don’t use glycerin)

The combination of cushioning and responsiveness is part of the reason why Ghost is a versatile shoe.

The side cushion is separated from the center of the shoe by a deeper groove than the Ghost 11. I think it was made to add cushioning during the landing phase.

On the front leg, the Ghost 12 has wider and deeper grooves between the sole segments, making it more flexible than ever.

BioMoGo foam is also a bit softer than Ghost 11.


The Ghost 12 outsole is probably the most aggressive shoe I have ever seen. The depth of the lugs in combination with the deeper grooves in the midsole reminds me of the Inov-8 Terraultra construction.

Although the Ghost 12 is clearly a running shoe; This sole means that the shoe is not limited to asphalt.

It handles easily on difficult tracks and I like to use it in various off-road races. In case of technical problems or cloudy weather, leave the Ghost at home and fix your shoes!

On the road, the Ghost 12 offers excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions.


Brooks uses durable carbon under the rear landing area and standard blown rubber throughout the rest of the outsole.


The walking in this shoe is soft and comfortable. Right foot cushion for quick landing and flight. There is no feeling of choking or foam during the transition, just a light, fluid movement with each step.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Comfortable above
Great pillow
Breathe above
The nose is wide
Secure fit[/i2pros][i2cons]A drop of 12 mm can slow it down a bit[/i2cons][/i2pc]


The new Ghost shoe is as impressive as its predecessors, offering good cushioning, a neutral pedaling feel and a smooth transition.

There are a large number of runners for which Brooks Ghost 12 is the only running shoe.

The shoe’s more aggressive sole means that it is also versatile enough to tackle more trails than normal running shoes. Add to that the story of Ghost in terms of exceptional strength; It also offers an excellent quality / price ratio.