Nike Air Max Goadome

The Nike Air Max Goadome They are very comfortable shoes that do not look bad in the workplace, in an informal environment or in a semi-formal event. Shoes provide adequate support for different types of surfaces.

They are not Sneakers, but they are light enough to walk your feet. These are fixed ladders designed for unfavorable climates.

Nike Air Max Goadome


The Nike Air Max Goadome was launched ten years ago in 2007. This is an ACG (All Condition Gear) shoe, tough enough for outdoor use, but designed especially for city dwellers. Karl Blakeslee, the original creator of Goadome, was inspired to wear the older model of Nike shoes over his sneakers. The shoes, which Karl thought were sneakers, were light enough to fit and look stylish.

DC and Baltimore residents were the first to take their shoes off, but they quickly established stable clubs in many other cities. The shoes have become a huge hit with suppliers and construction workers, law enforcement, security and other businesses who are often idle all day due to the increased comfort that the shoes provide.

The Air Max Goadome has been a simple Nike stroller for many since its inception. In the first year, the shoes are available in three colors: black, orange-brown and beige. In 2012, Nike released a suede version with black / black velvet and college red and black velvet. Nike relaunched the white sneakers for winter 2015.

In 2016, all black and white combinations were renewed, as well as a new burgundy Italian suede. Several colors were available for the fall / winter 2017 season: beige, gold and black for women only.


The Nike Air Max Goadome Available for both men and women. Like most Nike running shoes, the Goadomes have more than enough support and support for the adventurer. The tall construction helps maintain stability and protects the ankles.
The shoe features a single sole along with the well-known Air-Sole cushioning system.


Air Max Goadome pairs best with jeans or pants. A plaid shirt and long-sleeved vest can complete a casual look


Nike Air Max Goadome is a durable, waterproof shoe that looks great in any weather. It has a full leather upper to keep moisture out, a full-size airbag for maximum cushioning, and a durable rubber outsole with studs for good traction.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]According to numerous reviews, the Nike Air Max Goadome is a comfortable shoe.
Some buyers think it makes sense to be perfect.
Some say the shoes are warm, adding that they are thick enough to withstand the extreme cold of Chicago.
Some people consider these shoes to be waterproof.
Some policemen and vendors wore comfortable shoes even after more than eight hours of walking or driving.
Many raters report that tennis is very durable and can be abused even on concrete and asphalt floors.
Some users have noticed the good handling of the shoe on any surface and in different weather conditions.
Some buyers have found the Air Max Goadome lightweight.
Someone noticed that the shoes are as quiet as sneakers and there is no noise when walking.[/i2pros][i2cons]One customer stated that these shoes are slightly more expensive than other similar shoes.
A taller user says the shoe has a very thick sole which makes it longer and heavier.[/i2cons][/i2pc]